Spring Arts Tower



Grab a bite to eat at Cafe 9. Whether you are looking for breakfast or lunch, Cafe 9 has a menu that caters to every palette. Try out their sandwiches, wraps, fresh brewed coffees, teas, and our favorite, Mini Turkey Sliders. Weekly lunch specials are also available.

Contact Ben Ocampo at 213.622.3888 or cafenine09@yahoo.com.


The bar scene in Downtown LA has grown exponentially over the past few years. Included in that growth is the Crocker Club at the Spring Arts Tower. Originally the Crocker Citizens National Bank Building, much of the early design of the 1920s is still intact, including much of the original bank detail which the Crocker Club retained and incorporated into its design. For example, the original bank teller’s counter from the VIP area of the bank serves as the club’s main bar. We also turned the bank vault, door included into the “Vault Room”. Check out our picture gallery to view the vault room and the other lounge areas of the club.

Our private room is called the “Ghost Room,” and is named after the friendly ghost that makes occasional appearances in the room. This room is replete with its own bar and stereo system to make it completely private. All of our rooms have maintained the original Art Deco feel of the building and its design.

We have a rotating roster of DJs that spin regularly and as well as a resident Saturday night dj, DJ EROK. He never fails to please and has his own following too. Occasionally, we will have live music, so please visit our events calendar for schedules and updates. The bar is open from Wednesday through Saturday evenings although we can open for private events or special occasions on the off days.

Light appetizers are available to accompany our specialty cocktails mixed by our talented mixologists. Let them pour you their own creation! You won’t be sorry. All of our drinks are made with only the freshest ingredients.

Contact Tom Turner at 213.489.2255 or info@crockerclub.com.

Spring Street Park sits on .7 acres of land and includes walking paths, an open lawn, seating, children’s play elements, and native landscaping. All features are environmentally sustainable. Take a look at the original plans by Lehrer Architects LA. and the latest news onSpring Street Park’s Twitter.


Spring Street can claim credit as the birthplace of the motion picture business in Los Angeles. In 1898, Thomas Edison filmed a 60-second film titled “South Spring Street Los Angeles California”, mounting a giant camera on a wagon to film the bustling action along South Spring Street with scenes of streetcars, bicycles and horse-drawn wagons.

Spring Arts Tower’s long history of filming began back in 1920 with Harold Lloyd’s thrill comedy High and Dizzy. This short film, the second installment in Harold’s blockbuster series of skyscraper acrobatic adventure films starts with Lloyd’s friend showing off his collection of then-illegal liquor. A few bottles start popping their corks and, to keep the stockpile secret, Lloyd and his friend are forced to drink up the runoff. Thoroughly under the influence, a none-too-steady Harold is sent out onto the ledge to save a pretty sleepwalker. The results are literally hair-raising, as performed by Lloyd in a wonderful special effect using an exact duplication of the exterior of our building and the ledge on our eleventh floor. They also shot an office on the eleventh floor.

Many films have been shot here since. In more recent years, He’s Just Not That Into You, Made of Honor, Spiderman 3, Meet the Fockers, Phonebooth, Rush Hour, and Conspiracy Theory were shot in or in front of the building–many in our standing film sets on the second and third floors at Spring Arts Studios. Hit television programs such as 24, Heroes, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, Crossing Jordan, Eli Stone, Numb3rs, Project Runway, Top Chef, America’s Top Model, NCIS, The Practice, and NYPD Blue have all shot here. John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are the more recent artists who have chosen Spring Arts as a location to shoot their videos.

A favorite of the filming industry, Spring Arts Tower, formerly the LA headquarters of the Citizens National Bank and then the Crocker Bank, features original Art Deco designs, art nouveau details, sculptured brass, acres of fine Italian marble, Batcheldor tile, California alder and tiger oak. There are ten vaults located on four floors. Spring Arts is a Nationally Registered Historic Building designed by renowned architects Parkinson and Bergstrom.

Contact medialocations@netscape.net for filming.